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Post-Op Care

About Post-Op Care

Once your root canal therapy is completed, you may experience some discomfort for two-to-three days while your tooth and jaw continue to heal. This is nothing to be concerned about, but do contact our office if you experience unusual or prolonged pain.

Can I go back to work after my root canal?

Your jaw may be sore and your lip may be numb, but you should be in good shape to continue your regular schedule. However, we do not recommend leaving your appointment and going straight to an important lunch meeting (unless you wear a bib). In terms of your schedule, it should be no different than getting a filling or a crown.

What medication do I need after treatment?

Please take your medications as prescribed by your endodontist. If you have been prescribed 600 mg Motrin (ibuprofen) take it up to every six hours. Antibiotics are rarely prescribed unless there is swelling or fever.

Is it normal to experience discomfort a week later?

Teeth are often uncomfortable after a root canal, and discomfort usually peaks about two days after treatment. It is common to experience a little discomfort for a week or so later. However, healing discomfort and pain are very different. Let us know if you are experiencing pain.

Can I chew on my tooth after a root canal?

We do not recommend regular chewing on the tooth until it has been fully restored with a crown. The risk of tooth fracture is very high in treated teeth without permanent restoration. Your best plan of action is to schedule a restoration appointment with your general dentist as soon as possible after your root canal treatment.

What happens when I need a root canal on a tooth with an existing crown?

If you are having a root canal performed on a tooth that already has a crown, the root canal will generally be done through a small opening in the top. Your dentist will need to repair the opening after your root canal is completed, and a new crown may be recommended if there are imperfections.

Less than 5% of the time, crowns with porcelain (tooth colored crowns) are susceptible to fracture of the porcelain. If the porcelain fractures in a way that makes the crown no longer functional or esthetic, replacing the crown may be necessary.

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