Food Facts For Maintaining a Healthy Smile

glass jar of honey and stick on wood backgroundBelieve it or not, but eating certain foods can aid in maintaining healthy teeth. Of course, brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist regularly are the best ways to maintain great oral health. Read on to learn more, and thanks for visiting us at Mt. Juliet and Cookeville Endodontics

Think you know your food? Here are some dental facts related to a few everyday foods.

1) Salt: Yeah we eat way too much salt and it dominates every meal we consume. But have you thought about using it as an anti-inflammatory? As a cheap home remedy, salt provides us with another way to take care of our gums. Swishing warm water with salt or doing a little scrub can reduce inflammation by osmosis and even kill off some bacteria. The abrasiveness even reduces plaque! So next time you’re in a pinch during a spontaneous camping trip, consider using a little salt to freshen up.

2) Cranberries: These little red berries are more than just sauce at Thanksgiving. They provide 13.3 mg of vitamin C in 1 cup which is important for collagen synthesis, β-oxidation, and reducing reactive oxidative species (anti-oxidant). The best part is that studies show cranberries may prevent bacteria from using adhesion molecules to hold onto teeth. The proanthocyanidins (PAC) in cranberry disrupts the formation of glucan (sugar polymers in plaque) by inhibiting glucosyltransferases. This could be revolutionary and research is still being conducted to see how this could affect oral hygiene management for our community.

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