Acidic Drinks Can Damage Kids’ Teeth Permanently, Expert Warns

Fashion little girl having breakfast at resort restaurantDrinking high acidic drinks such as soda, juice and sports beverages can cause permanent damage to enamel.  The damage happens immediately. The best way to avoid this type of damage to your teeth is to avoid these types of drinks all together. Your oral health (and overall health) will thank you. Thanks for visiting Mt. Juliet and Cookeville Endodontics.

High acidity levels in soft drinks, fruit juice and sports beverages pose a threat to youngsters’ teeth, a new study reports.

“Our research has shown that permanent damage to the tooth enamel will occur within the first 30 seconds of high acidity coming into contact with the teeth. This is an important finding and it suggests that such drinks are best avoided,” study corresponding author Dr. Sarbin Ranjitkar, of the Craniofacial Biology Research Group at the University of Adelaide in Australia, said in a university news release.

“If high acidity drinks are consumed, it is not simply a matter of having a child clean their teeth an hour or 30 minutes later and hoping they’ll be OK — the damage is already done,” he added.

The findings were recently published in the Journal of Dentistry.

Normally, Ranjitkar said, there’s a balance between acids and protective mechanisms in a healthy mouth. But, “once that balance is shifted in favor of the acids, regardless of the type of acid, teeth become damaged,” he explained.

High acidity drinks also can combine with other factors to cause major, irreversible damage to youngsters’ teeth, according to Ranjitkar.

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