Root Canal

The Importance of Cone Beam CT for Patient Treatment Recommendations

Your dentist has sent you to an Endodontist for consultation – You’re already nervous because you’re coming into a new office and meeting a new doctor whom you’ve never met. We perform our examination, review the digital radiographs (x-rays) we take and review them with you chairside. Then, we say something like, “Mrs. Jones to…

Americans Fear Tooth Loss More Than Flu and Root Canals

Would you rather have a tooth extracted and an implant placed as opposed to a root canal? Though people do fear losing a permanent tooth, they are more anxious about root canals than tooth extractions and implants. Root canals are a painless procedure that saves your natural tooth, which is always the best option. Though…

Focus on Flossing

A small percentage of Americans floss daily as recommended. Not flossing leads to tooth decay, and more serious problems that could result in the need for a root canal, an extraction, or gum disease. Read on to learn some basic tips to help you make flossing a regular part of your day. Thanks for visiting…

Fewer Americans Fear Root Canals

Root canals can save natural teeth, which is what you should always strive for. The good news is that fewer people are apprehensive about root canals than they were in the past. Technological advances along with better local anesthetics can make getting a root canal a completely pain free experience. Thanks for visiting us at…

Carefully Consider Implants vs. Endodontic Treatment

Keeping your natural tooth is always best, even if it has had a root canal. Read on to learn more about how endodontic therapy can help to retain the natural tooth. Thanks for visiting us at Mt. Juliet and Cookeville Endodontics. The introduction of dental implants has proved to be a pivotal technology in dentistry.…

How Do I Know If I Need a Root Canal?

When you are suffering from tooth pain, it can be excruciating. So, how do you know if you need a root canal? The below article highlights some of the symptoms you could be experiencing that could warrant a root canal. Ultimately, your dentist and endodontist will help you to determine the appropriate course of action.…